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My mundane name is Bonnie, but  I am also known as Lucifera. I am a Witch since long ago and blend Witchcraft with the practical magick of Qabalah.



The 1st pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon. I am fond of this type of Witchcraft with planetary spirits, Archangels and Angels.


I am a graphic artist too and find pleasure in designing the seals of spirits, Pagan Gods, Archangels and Angels.



I am an artist too. This is the seal of Saturn made by me. Max canva size = 1000 px X 1000 px. PNG format.


I am fond of several old Grimoires: Goetia, the Key of Solomon, Grimoirium Verum and Arbatel De magia veterum.



The seal of the Olympic God Bethor from the Arbatel De magia veterum. Max canva size = 1000 px X 1000 px. PNG format.



I also work with hybrid seals (at my own risk). This is very powerful stuff and infuences me in a very powerful way.



The seal above contains four seals each in its own compartment. The seal of Jupiter aligns the practitioner with the frequency of Jupiter (planetary magick, Agrippa “Four Books of Occult Philosophy).

Sachiel is the planetary Angel of Jupiter and he is mentioned in the Key of Solomon, while the spirit Jophiel is the intelligence of Jupiter and controls the summoned forces during a ritual. Hismael is also the spirit of Jupiter.



The seal of Belial. Max canva size = 1000 px X 1000 px. PNG format.


If you wish to use my unique logos and designs for commericial use, you MUST contact me. I charge a fee for my designs. I will take legal action if they are used without my consent.

Now, I want to continue to introduce myself to you. I have cooperated with Titan Television and introduced the general public to the practices of Witches and particularly to Witchcraft with Voodoo dolls, pins, bones, blood and seals.

But today I shun TV cameras and news reporters, and thus, am not available for cooperation with people connected to the entertainment industry. My attitude may change in the future.



I work with ancient spell books from Medieval times. The magick in these seals is very empowering.





About my Photoshop made Art


I also design Facebook business page covers and logotypes in Photoshop. You can order custom art from me.


A hybrid Solar seal: Bael, Nakhiel, Sorath (666) and the Seal of Sun. Max canva size = 1000 px X 1000 px. PNG format.


People love my art. Today I own an online shop “Go Virtual” and I sell virtual seals of Pagan Gods, Archangels and Angels.



The seal of the Goetic spirit Samigina. This spirit taught me Kabbala. It felt like I knew the Kabbala, but just forgot the theory and the practical moments of magick.


I am also very fond of auspicious Chinese symbols for wealth, joy and good fortune. I practice Feng Shui too.


A Chinese Wealth symbol. Max canva size = 1200 px X 1200 px. Resolution = 200 dpi. PNG format.



The seal of my helper spirit Bune. Max canva size = 1000 px X 1000 px. PNG format.



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 Witchcraft of Qabalah

Go Virtual


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E-mail: saturnus2015@yahoo.com

Lucifera (Bonnie Berzova)


The Eye of Horus. Max seal D = 900 px. Max canva size = 1000 px X 1000 px. PNG format.


The seal of Lilith. Size: 1000 px X 1000 px. Format: PNG.