A Witch’s bottle with the seal of Morail from Grimoirium Verum


Morail makes you go unnoticed by troublemakers. This demon is decribed in the Grimoirium Verum.


I don’t like troublemakers, because I myself am a very peaceful person. But sometimes we have to deal with them. My demons instructed me to summon Morail and ask him to make me go invisible. It worked.

You are welcome to read the Grimoirium Verum here.

You will simply become undetectable, because the troublemaker will focus the attention on other people. This spell is best done when the moon is full, waning or almost dark.

The day of the week must be a Tuesday according to Grimoirium Verum.


The demons of Grimoirium Verum are all assigned to the Qlipha of Golab (shell of Sephira of Geburah). Therefore I used a red seal of Morail.




You will need:

1 glas jar with a screw lid + black electric tape

a red seal of Morail

2 garlics + 7 long nails + lots of small chopped sticks + enough salt (1 kg or more)

your blood + 1 security pin + napkin + a rubber band

a white candle + protection oil

the spell written on paper + 1 more rubber band

oils for the seal of Morail: pachouli and pine

By the way, I have made similar Witch’s bottles with the seal of Bael. I offer you my video about one such Witch’s bottle:



Consecrate the seal of Morail with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Summon Morail:

” I evoke and conjure you Morail. I call you forth in the name and by the authority of my Master Satan. I am in danger and I ask you to hide me away from a troublemaker [Name and Surname] who lives [adress].

The person is dangerous and evil. Also teach me protection magick on a level unknown to me before.”

Light the white candle. Place your blood on the seal of Morail along with pachouli and pine oils. Say your spell to Morail 3 times. Fold the seal into the napkin and secure with a rubber band.

Pour in a small ammount of salt into the jar. Drop in the garlics and the seal of Morail. Add the nails and the sticks. Fold the written spell paper into a small scroll and secure it with a rubber band. Drop this into the jar too.

Pour in all the salt to fill the whole jar. Insert an open security pin into the top layer of salt. Close the jar and secure it with the black electrical tape. Never open the jar. As long as the jar is whole and not broken, the spell will protect you.